Melis Lite is the optimal solution to have a slim and fast wallet on your mobile. It allows a more immediate use of its features. A more concentrated version of the features that make Melis the most secure, complete and reliable wallet for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Groestlcoin. The most important feature of the wallet, and the one most requested by users, remains present: private keys are in users' hands. What are the changes then? Well, think of Melis Lite as a credit card, a way to facilitate transactions without having to set customization options when paying. A more functional way for the user to interact with others and save time. And we know that saving time means saving money. From the main screen a greater immediacy catches the eye, where there is an account for each of the coin supported.

This, however, without compromising security, since the user is able to hide the accounts he wants. Moreover, he/she has the possibility to save the backup passphrase on the device protected by fingerprints, and can access to the Lite wallet through a PIN set by the user himself/herself. Needless to say, the Lite version is only a mean to speed up payments and to store funds in the short term, while instead the canonical version of the wallet has a deeper and more detailed functionality that allows you to store funds in the long term.

The advantage of Melis compared to other wallets is that it allows variety and dynamism, responding to daily needs. And this can be verified by navigating the Lite accounts, whose efficient minimalism puts the fundamental operations in the foreground: "send" and "receive" money through a scan of a QR code or through the coin addresses.

The dual language of the wallet and the visible budget in various foreign currencies allows to spread an Italian excellence even to a wider audience, showing that in Italy there is still a bunch of innovators who want to keep up with the times going. Furthermore, there is one thing that we'll never tire of reminding: remember to save the backup mnemonics carefully, as they represent the "key" through which you can access your Lite account from another device and their safekeeping is fundamental (i.e. to lose them means to lose your funds on the Lite wallet).

Taking care of users' needs make Melis an excellence in the field of cryptocurrency storage, because it provides a tool to keep safe funds and another tool to spend them faster. Melis's entrepreneurial vision is superior to that of other competing wallets, reinforcing and enhancing that aspect of the cryptocurrency world that many still underestimate: usability. This is the wild card thanks to which the next evolution of the cryptocurrencies world will be based on and will bring success to those who will know how to take advantage of.

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